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Strutter'Zine: LOUD'N'NASTY "I wanna live my life in the fame"

Hard Line: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T (german)

Hard Line: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T (english)

Catchy Hooks: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T

Catchy Hooks: LOUD'N'NASTY "Sweet Sixteen"

Heavy Metal World: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T

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Strutter' Zine: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T

Strutter' Zine: LOUD'N'NASTY "Sweet Sixteen"

Glitzine: LOUD'N'NASTY "Sweet Sixteen"


Glitzine: LOUD'N'NASTY S/T


Slam (Italy): LOUD'N'NASTY S/T



Rock Eyez

Loud 'N' Nasty "Too Much Ain't Enough" (re-release)
Review by Brian Rademacher

Swedish Sleaze metal masters are back with another go of it. Their last CD was rated by rockeyez an 8 out of 10. Their new release “Too Much Ain’t Enough” is here and ready to go. The music is pure Vintage Motley Crue with the vocal style of W.A.S.P.'s Blackie Lawless. Chris Loud guitar work is also vintage Mick Mars. The band has not lost a beat. Great catchy lyrics that will make the girls melt. The band has not changed their look and I am happy for that. “Me and the Boys” has a vibe of WASP / RATT and has those sing-a-long lyrics. “Little Miss Pretty” rocks with the best of them. I really don’t know how these boys work there set list for a show, almost all their songs are catchy and could be the opening tune. I could just imagine Motley Crue trying to bring their vintage show back forget it Loud ’N’ Nasty have taken over that spot. I just wish the American fans could get to see them. One of the best tracks on the CD is “Hellbound” which is a bonus track. Check these boys out!!!

Loud N Nasty "Teaser Teaser" (2004)
Review by Carmine Rose

All the way from Sweden, comes Loud N' Nasty, the loudest, nastiest, and sleaziest (they should have been Loud, Nasty & Sleazy). The band consists of Rob Nasty (bass, vocals), Chris Loud (guitars), and T-Bone (drums). Looking at them, they look very much like a mid-80's glam-metal band. We're at Loud N' Nasty's second official recording Teaser Teaser. Just to catch you up to speed, their first official release was I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame (2000). Somehow I like the name Teaser Teaser.

1) Teaser 9.5/10
OK Ready? The album's started, and it's been kicked off out of the stadium by a killer midtempo rocker. Different than most album openers (usually they're kicked off by a fast rockin' get out of my way song). Somehow or other, this album's been kicked off nicely!

2) Play Dirty 10/10
Now were rocking! Loud N' Nasty, tells us that they play what they want and not what's shoved down our throats on the radio. I totally like the attitude!! Excellent (does Bill & Ted air guitar!). That's what you need guys, play what you like!!!

3) Annie 9/10
Every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn, just like every rock band has its ballad. Still has its loud and nasty vibe to the distorted guitars (hence their name) but this is showing us their softer side. Honestly, how could this not be successful is this type of music made its comeback (or if Loud N' Nasty brought it back).

4) Hungry 9/10
So far, they're not so original, but being that this is so great, you immediately get past that. This is a killer midtempo rocker, not as bombastic as "Teaser." But they are totally "hungry!!!" The solo rules, the guitars kick ass, verses rock, everything does nothing short of rock!

5) If You Wanna Rock 10/10
Imagine the drum intro is gasoline, and guitars are the lit match. The song is totally ignited. The lyrics here are so Motley Crue like this: "I'll shoot down with my love gun, baby!" This sound of this song screams Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls. The singer sounds like a cross between Blackie Lawless and Stephen Pearcy.

6) Love Child 8.5/10
Kicks off with a kind of swingin' beat. The guitars go nicely with this song, and it sounds very good. Has a beat similar to Firehouse's "Mama Didn't Raise No Fool." This is great to bang your head to fast.

7) After The War 8/10
Acoustic flamenco instrumental that is a good break in the album. At about 37 seconds, double lead starts coming in. Good way to break things up.

8) Saturday Night 9/10
Rocker that starts out in the vein of Southgang's "Boys Nite Out." Then gets fast and rocks all the way to the end. Awesome!!!

9) Hollywood Dream 8.5/10
Rocker in the vein of Motley Crue, matter of fact, if it was done with Vince Neil's vocals, it would sound like a Crue song. Loud N' Nasty really know how to rock, it's as if they're from that era. This intro immediately makes me think of headbangers in the front row banging their fists on the stage.

10) Kick N' Fight 10/10
What can I say? They've done it again.

11) Help Me 9/10
This'll relax you to finish the album. So for example, if you have to go to work or school listening to this, you don't get in trouble for going crazy after this album. As you probably already got, this is a power ballad.


Brings you right back to the days of the big hair. These guys even have big hair, so you'll have memories of this looking at them, also. This would have been right at home in 1985, rocks you from start to finish.

Essential for fans of...

Motley Crue
Loud N' Nasty

Get Ready to ROCK!


LOUD N NASTY ‘Teaser Teaser’ Perris Records (2004)

Another step back in time release, or what I like to call a 'time warp album'. Almost bringing back more late 1980's memories of bands like Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Cinderella and Nasty Idols.

Loud N Nasty hail from Sweden's west coast and for a 3 piece have quite a big sound. 'Teaser Teaser' is their second proper album, after various demos, and their independent debut album caught the attention of Perris Records.

11 of most perfect rock radio songs you could find in 1998, though you may wonder in 2004 what audience there is for this type of music? Obviously there must be for labels to sign and put money into bands like this. The lyrics of course are straight from the streets and more to the point, the gutter. With song titles like 'If You Wanna Rock', 'Play Dirty' and Kick'N'Fight', there's not much surprise to find out that most of the lyrical content is throwaway. Put them aside and focus on the music, the vocals could be from any of the more famous 80's trash/glam/party metal bands that you care to name, in particular reminiscent of Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach. The guitars are full, that big Def Leppard style drum sound and choruses a plenty.

There is nothing wrong with anything on offer here, the music is your basic 4/4 heavy intro/riffs, verse, catchy chorus formula, all well played, without being too brilliant.

Label website


Review by Graham Boyle

Rock Hard Germany
LOUD 'N' NASTY "Teaser, Teaser"

Perris Records machten zuletzt schwerpunktmäßig mit "US-Backkatalog"
Veröffentlichungen im weitesten Sinne von sich reden. Mit LOUD 'N NASTY schickt das New Yorker Label nun eine junge Band ins Rennen, deren Aufnahmen nicht nur top-aktuell sind, sondern die zudem auch noch aus Europa stammt. "Teaser, Teaser" ist bereits die zweite Veröffentlichung der Schweden, auf der sie sich genauso Hollywood-verliebt in Szene setzen, wie auf dem Erstling: simpel strukturierte Party-Rock-Songs mit dicken Mitsingrefrains und fetten Gitarren bestimmen hier das Bild, die jedem Fan von Crüe, Pretty Boy Floyd & Co. gefallen sollten. Und das nicht nur aufgrund der Tatsache, dass sich die Band für 'Saturday Night' ein Riff aus 'Kickstart My Heart' entlieh und den Refrain von 'If You Wanna Rock' nach dem Vorbild 'In And Out of Love' des Bon-Jovi-Zweitlings klingen lässt. Lediglich der einfältige Gesang schmälert den positiven Gesamteindruck, aber dies dürfte bei Musik dieser Bauart ohnehin jeder anders empfinden. Frech und flach zusammengeklaut, aber immerhin gut. Die einzig wahren und deutlich hochwertigeren Sleaze'n'Glam-Helden unserer Zeit sind und bleiben aber weiterhin Crashdiet...
7 Punkte
Daniel Böhm Rock Hard Germany

I reviewed a few albums from Loud 'N' Nasty several years ago and I remember being tickled pink with their colourful spray of glam/hard rock music. And now here we find their latest album which the band have once again self produced themselves, the sound is quite hollow but the songs rock.
The new record continues their glam/rock hair metal style. The songs played at max volume sound heavy and full of fun, like opener 'Teaser' which is catchy as hell with shit hot axe work from Chris Loud. Singer Rob Nasty is a good as ever as his style shines through on the next track which is called 'Play Dirty', this is fun hair metal rock for all you Motley Crue and Poison fans, raunchy guitars and punchy chorus make this a fun track.
'Annie' shows the band trying their hand at a ballad, this is quite melodic with nice guitar solos reminding me of Kix. 'Hungry' is like early Motley Crue with a nice addictive chorus while 'If You Wanna Rock' is the big stadium anthem, fuelled with punchy guitars this track reminds me of Skid Row and is very cool. The stomping 'Love Child' could have been on Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls", then the band get all melodic on the excellent short instrumental 'After The War' which shows a more mature style to the bands structure and features stunning guitars. Then it's back to the rocking hair metal with 'Saturday Night' which is very catchy aka Ratt.
One of the CD's standout tracks has to be the awesome 'Hollywood Dream', this addictive track is raunchy but quite melodic with a really cool chorus to rock out with. 'Kick 'N' Fight' is glam metal the way you love it, filled with pumping guitars this goes for that "Talk Dirty To Me" chorus punch. Last up is 'Help Me' which I found quite disappointing with the vocals sounding a little out of place, it's quite laid back and melodic though.
Overall this is a pretty good release for those who crave for punchy hard rock hair metal.

Nicky Baldrian

Metal Express
Loud N Nasty?s Teaser, Teaser

has Perris Records taking us back on another journey to the past,
one full of lots of pomp and very little circumstance.
In this case, a Swedish sleaze and glam rock band Loud N Nasty
bludgeon us with the kind of music that went away with a
fight and is now clawing its way back on the scene. Teaser, Teaser
is a typical hair metal CD, and in this case, typical means kick ass.

One of the funniest things about this kind of music is when band members
take on pseudonyms. Unlike the pseudo-intellectual
slant taken by bands like Lost Horizon,
naming themselves Ethereal Magnanimus,
they instead name themselves T-Bone,
Chris Loud and of course, Rob Nasty. Ain't it great?

Of course, it's all about fun. And from the opening track,
Teaser, that's what you get. Melodic, chugging, sex-focused metal.
From the first words, she goes down, down,? well, you know what you are in for.
This song sounds quite a bit like Ratt circa 1984, but the production is much clearer.
In fact, you'll find yourself drawing comparisons to
Stephen Pearcy often throughout the CD. If you checked out the Metal Express jukebox a couple weeks ago,
you had the chance to hear Annie? If not, go play it now 
we'll wait. OK, now you've heard it. Lead singer Nasty does
his strongest singing on this track. When he sings in a lower range,
it sounds heartfelt, and as his voice gets higher,
the edge is back and the crescendo to the chorus flat out works.
Now, this kind of song hasn't been in the Top 10 in about a decade,
but that doesn't mean it can't find its way back. This is glam metal done right.

If You Wanna Rock (of course!) greets us with a cool drum beat and sharp guitars.
By this point in the CD, you may find Nasty's vocals starting to sound repetitive.
He seems to have found a safety zone in the harder songs and doesn't try to
vary his voice. Of course, on the other hand, he almost always sings within
himself and you don't hear him trying to sing notes he can't physically hit.
Meaning, he knows what he can and can't do, which is a good thing.

One song that branches away from their party and sex-capades is the track
After the War,? which begins with acoustic guitar, and leads into a
mellow electric guitar solo. This instrumental is a welcome change,
and slows the album down just in time to go nuts on the next song,
Saturday Night.? The lyrics, Saturday night, town to town, come on come on come on!?
sort of says it all. Not their strongest composition.

The last few songs on the CD are all good, but not great.
Hollywood Dream has an understated guitar intro and vocals that you've heard before.
Kick N Fight is better, another upbeat, happy tune, with a catchy as hell chorus.
Finally, they end things with a simplistic power balled called
Help Me,? with Nasty finally stretching to the upper ranges of his vocals,
probably the one time he takes a chance. It works.

You know these guys would be a riot to see live, and you won't
find fault with any of the musicianship on this CD. Also,
glam metal can't be honestly portrayed on disk, no matter how great your stereo is.
Teaser, Teaser is arena rock, lives up to its name of being loud n nasty,?
and although this sort of music has seen its time come and go,
it's really up to you make it all relevant again. So pick up
Teaser, Teaser and get things moving in the right direction!

Slam Italy
LOUD'N'NASTY "Teaser, Teaser"
Perris Records - 2004

Dopo i due promo Cd usciti nel 1998 e nel 1999, "I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame" del 2000 (recensiti nei vecchi numeri cartacei di SLAM!) e il picture disc di "Too much Ain't Enough" del 2002 riecco che tornano sulla scena gli svedesi Loud'N'Nasty, altro gruppo scandinavo che cerca di tenere alta la bandiera del glam/street metal, continuando la strada tracciata dai connazionali Nasty Idols.

Che dire di questo "Teaser, Teaser"?! ...beh, manco a dirlo risente pesantemente dei mostri sacri del genere e credo che Chris Loud, Rob Nasty e T-Bone abbiano ascoltato e assimilato gli insegnamenti di MOTLEY CRUE, TWISTED SISTER, RATT e KISS! ...Originalità zero, quindi se siete amanti del genere e vi piacciono queste sonorità, avvicinatevi senza timore a questo disco perchè anche se rimarrà nell'anonimato nella vostra discografia del settore, presenta delle piacevoli tracce come "Teaser", "Hungry", "Hollywood Dream" e "Kick?N?Fight".
Moreno Lissoni

-Strutter Magazine USA
Loud 'N' Nasty "Teaser Teaser" (Perris Records)

Out of Sweden comes LOUD'N'NASTY, and they play good old 80s LA Glamrock, but like you would expect from a Swedish band, this is a high quality band and not just some cheap POISON/CRUEish band. OK, some songs sound a lot like RATT, but tha band has a good strong lead singer (hello STEPHEN PEARCY!!!) and a fantastic guitarist, and even most of the 11 included songs are very catchy 80s LA type of Melodic Glam Hardrockers, so concluded this is a highly recommended CD! Songs like "Teaser", "Annie" (DOKKEN meets RATT, very strong big 80ssemi-ballad)), "Hungry", "Kick'n'fight" and "Help me" are deadringers for fans of classy 80s US Melodic Hard/Glamrock and this is absolutley the truth, because I have herd lots of Glamrecords in my life, and this is definitely one of the better ones in a long time! Check out this awesome Glam/Hardrock CD asap, the best one since SHY TIGER and the album RATT never recorded! 8.5 out of 10

The French Connection
Loud 'N' Nasty - I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame

Vous aimiez LE Motley Crue, celui de l'époque bénie : Too fast for Love, Shoot at the Devil, ... alors courez vous procurer cet album de Loud 'n' Nasty. En dépit de quelques faiblesses, cet album vous clouera sur place. Loud 'n' Nasty reprend à son compte tout ce qui a fait la gloire du Crue : hymnes mélodiques sans failles, riffs d'autant plus efficaces qu'ils sont simples, chorus accrocheurs, ... Tout y est. Même la voix, qui n'est pourtant pas exempt de certains petites reproches rappelera Vince Neil. Sincèrement, cet album est un bain de jouvence et surtout un grand bol d'air frais. La Suède nous offre là un beau pied  de nez à toute la scène actuelle. Excellent !

"The Pure Rock Shop"
Loud 'N' Nasty - I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame

Hailing from Sweden Loud 'N' Nasty are a sleaze metal band with strong songs and a definite love of the L.A. strip scene circa 1984. "Sex Party" is straight ahead burner similar to "Live Wire" by Motley Crue with vocals on par with Andy Pierce of Nasty Idols / Machinegun Kelly.
Once again Motley Crue's influences abound as "Piece Of Your Action" lays the groove for the track "Let The Good Times Roll".

Vocalist / Bassist Rob Nasty has the sexual snarl that is so essential to being a convincing sleaze metal singer. Chris Loud lives up to his surname with sunset strip guitar riffs, while drummer Tommie Rocker keeps the backbeat solid with a great drum sound.

Title cut "I Wanna Live My Life In The Flame" has a Sledgehammer Ledge feel and "Wild Little Devil" recalls "Night Crawler" by the Japanese group EZO. The CD has one ballad titled "Wasted Love", a powerful composition along the lines of "Just Another Night" by Wildside. As you get further into the disc, the band displays their originality. "If I'm In Hell" and "Blow Mw Away" are mid-tempo rockers both with solid hooks, while "Out For Blood" is as aggressive as the title suggests.

All of these comparisons are meant to be very favorable and complimentary. Regardless that Loud 'N' Nasty do not hide their influences, the tracks are very catchy and heavy at the same time, a balance that many bands fail to navigate.
To purchase a copy of "I Wanna Live My Life In The Flame" you can visit Loud 'N' Nasty's website at: or e-mail

Ballbuster "I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame"

By Paul Autry
For those of you who doubt the so called "hair bands," pay attention. Sleaze metal is alive and well with Sweden's Loud 'N' Nasty...and it never sounded better. The whole vibe of this album reminds me of Motley Crue's "Too Fast For Love" album. There's nothing fancy here, nothing that you haven't heard before. But, it's a straight up, in your face, party hardy, good time, rock and roll album. That's what music USED to be all people remember that, don't you? I will always appreciate a band that remembers when music had MAGIC. It's stuff like this that made me get into rock 'n' roll in the first place. While I now have a wide variety of taste these days, it's always good to get a reminder (and a DAMN GOOD one) to get a dose of what got it all going for me. Plain and simple...if you like bands like early Motely Crue, Teeze, Snatch, Faster Pussycat, early Poison and Kiss, you're gonna LOVE Loud 'N' Nasty! The band name says it's loud and it's nasty...and it's a must have for any true rock fan. End of story!
© 2000, BBHrdRpt


A few months ago I was introduced to a band from California titled Mother Mercy playing 80's Glam Metal, and now I get to hear another band doing almost "but not quite" the same thing from Sweden! Looking through the band-member names, Chris Loud (Guitars), Rob Nasty (Bass/Vocals) and Tommy Rocker (Drums), it's clear Loud 'N' Nasty was influenced by the mighty Motley Crue, Kiss, Ratt, Twisted Sister (Dress like women, play like motherfuckers), W.A.S.P. and AC/DC. You already know you are not getting a musical breakthrough with this release, but what you do get is very solid Hard Rock that isn't afraid to live in the past. Songs like "Sex Party", "Out For Blood", "Follow Your Heart", and my favorite "If I'm In Hell" all hit with a true 80's Rock 'N' Roll sound. The band even throws a slide guitar introduction into "Blow Me Away" similar to Cinderella's song "The More Things change". For the most part all of the songs come together nicely and Rob Nasty has a unique vocal style, he doesn't come off trying to sound like an exact replica of any of the 80's bands. His vocals are a little rougher helping to give Loud ?N? Nasty a meaner edge than many of the Glam bands. The one inferior song on "I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame" is the only ballad "Wasted Love", it's a nice concept, but the rough and sleazy vocals hurt the overall sound, the slow song and abrasive vocals don't fit together. If there was more melody in the singing it would be a great addition to the CD, but left alone, it's the only song on the release I can't stand playing. Non 80's Glam/Hard rock fans will hate this, that's obvious, but if you enjoy the genre like me this is definitely something of worth. 7/10 meaning....Above average, very good, and worth listening to.

Bright Eyes Magasin #10

LOUD'N'NASTY "I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame" (Fullängds-cd)
Chris Loud, Rob Nasty och Tommie Rocker spar minsann inte på krutet utan levererar här en tolvspårscd. När ni hör namnen så kan ni säkert lista ut vilken genre det handlar om...helt rätt det är sleaze rock och glam för hela slanten. Den här cd'n är som hämtad från det glada 80-talet med MÖTLEY CRUE som den stora inspirationskällan. Tycker mig även kunna dra en del paralleller till QUIET RIOT, TIGERTAILZ och MADAME X som är kultbandet nummer ett! Klatschiga refränger och medryckande melodier, precis som det ska vara. Skivan håller en jämn och bra kvalité rakt igenom vilket är starkt jobbat. "Sex Party", "Let The Good Time Roll", "Wild Devil" är fyra starka och medryckande låtar som man bara vill sjunga med i. Den sköna balladen "Wasted Love" för mina tankar, musikaliskt sett, till SLIDE'S klassiker "My Oh My".
Jag hoppas verkligen att det finns något skivbolag som vågar satsa på LOUD'N'NASTY. Det är visserligen några år sedan som genren var aktuell men det här är så , för att tala ren svenska, förjäkla bra!
Hemsida: /loudnnasty
av Michael Svensson

Glitzine "I wanna live my life in the fame"

I slagged this band?s debut off. I?m not a supporter of the glam/metal wave. I think 1984-85 were pretty weak years when it comes to the history of rock n roll. Admittedly, I think the image of that era is a bit pathetic and seriously outdated. Loud n Nasty have gotten their act together though. Their image is and the package are classy.
The Sleeve is funny, though a bit sexistic, hinting at Motley Crue?s debut "Too fast for love". An acknowledgement of this band?s heroes. Loud and Nasty are trying to be as loud as W.A.S.P. and as nasty as Motley Crue. They are now a three piece – Rob Nasty, Chris Loud and Tommy Rocker. They sound better than ever on "I Wanna live my life in the fame". Rob Nasty seems to be more comfortable as a vocalist eventhough he still sings out of tone here and there, especially in the ballad "Wasted Love". He sounds cool enough to cover it though. I?m impressed by the songproduction of this band. The Second full-length CD in a year, prove that they are not just loud and nasty, they are fast workers as well.
If you want your glam to be served on a metal plate; get your hands on this CD.


I Wanna Live My Life in The Fame"
With a quite different style compared with swedish bands nowadays, this bands surrounds us playing a Hard Rock Glam that in some moments makes us think that we're back to the 80's, when Glam music was on its top. This band can make those heavier music fans becomes angry, but those who like hard rock music are gonna love it. With a strong Motley Crue and all those glam stuff influence, Loud 'n' Nasty brings us an album with 12 tracks, and, unbelievable, only ONE ballad. They show all their power as a group, guitarist Chris Loud has a great punch and a notable technique, vocalist and bassist Rob Nasty has a quite original sleazy vocal style, making the difference among other glam acts, and drummer Tommie Rocker shows security all the time. The band is its own productor, surrounding us once again, showing that besides a great band, they're great producers, since it's one of the best self-financed works I've ever heard. Besides all that, the graphics in the album are also impressive, with a beautiful booklet, all the details about the recording and all the lyrics, which are same as those glam rockers of the 80's. The high points of CD are "I Found An Angel" and "We're Gonna Rock".
©2000 Massacre Records
Rating: 9,0
by Noely Alcarpe

Strutter' Zine

A couple of months ago I reviewed the self titled debut from Loud 'N' Nasty, I was tickled pink with their colourful spray of glam/hard rock music. And now here we find album number two "I Wanna Live My Life In The Fame" an album which the band self produced and self-financed themselves, the band also chose the gorgeous female rock chick who poses her leatherley clad body functions for the albums "Motley Crue-ish - Too Fast For Love" inspired front-cover artwork,drool!!!
"I.W.L.M.L.I.T.F" is even bigger than the first record dudes!!! The songs played at max volume sound heavy and full, the band really have let go, exploring and pushing each others talents to the limit, thus they sound as if they have the let the reigns go and galloped in at high speed past the winning post, not caring a bugger what trends the music buying public are into,one thing that is clear is that the band defintley believe in what they are doing, and oh boy have they delivered a superb album that offers plenty of music for glamsters and hard rockers to drool over.
I kid you not music lovers, some of these tracks are big party numbers, not heard this good by any band in the 90's ,Poison's "Flesh And Blood" album was perhaps the last album of the glam genre to make any kind of commercial breakthrough, these guys could create a new glam explosion, good for them if they do, but the question is do we want it reopened? I don't see why people had a problem with the glam explosion of the 80's in the first place, it was fun and wild and lots of big hair, I think some people didn't know what to do with it, but it's clear that this band know exactly what they want to achieve. They look good and deserve a shot by any record label who will take them on.
Other bands that you can compare Loud 'N' Nasty to are obviosly Motley Crue and Ratt, but also they show enough intuition to create monster rockers a'la Fastway and their "Trick Or Treat" album, Slaughter, Babylon A.D., Love/Hate, LA Guns, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and even Heaven's Edge also slide into view. The album rocks hard with spark flying guitar soling on one hand and great singing on the other from frontman Rob Nasty and guitar shredder Chris Loud.. These guys rock, the word for this record is summertime FUN!!! Some of you may find it cheesy, but fans of this genre will welcome Loud 'N' Nasty, it's so cool to see a band rocking hard and having fun at the same time, you can almost feel the smiles on the guys faces.
There are twelve songs altogether on this record, the top being "I Found An Angel" a'la Ratt, "Follow Your Heart", "Let The Good Times Rock" a'la Fastway, Keel, Motley Crue, "Back Behind The Wheel" a'la Motley Crue, Ratt, "We're Gonna Rock"a'la Motley Crue, Poison, Tuff and a gorgeous ballad called "Wasted Love" which is a hearfelt ballad for all those girly teeny boppers out there!!
There are a couple of songs that don't work like "If I'm In Hell" and "Out For Blood" that seem a little yawnsome and drag on a little bit, but for the most part Loud 'N' Nasty are a band to keep your eyes on.Recommended.
Rating:- 8.5/10 (Review By Nicky Baldrian)

Hard Line

Was kann man von einer Band erwarten, deren Mitgleider so klangvolle Namen wie Rob nasty, Chris Loud und Tommie Rocker besitzen? Wirft man dann noch zusätlich einen Blick auf das cover dieser CD-R, ist einem sofort klar, wo der Hase langläuft. Der Einfluss von Nikki Sixx und Co, zu deren Anfangstagen scheint nicht gerade gering gewesen zu sein, was noch durch die Coverversion von 'Piece of your action' untermauert wird. Schlecht machen LOUD'N'NASTY ihre Sache auf keinen Fall, wenn die Produktion dieser CD bloss nicht so schlecht wäre, was den ansonsten recht guten Eindruck, den den die Songs hinterlassen, schmälert. Wer weiss, wie diese CD mit einem vernuftigen Budget geklungen
hätte. Sieht man also uber die Produktion und die Orginalitähinweg, so rockt die CD wirklich ordentlich und man wird in die guten alten Achtziger zuruckversetzt. Mut und Idealismus beweisen LOUD'N'NASTY jedenfalls mit ihren CD, was mir trotz der miesen Aufnahmequalität 7 Punkte wert ist. (Von 12)

Hard Line

(Free translation from the german review above)
What can you expect from a band whose members has such a striking names as Rob
Nasty, Chris Loud and Tommie Rocker. Then look at the CD cover
and you'll immediately know what it's all about. You'll hear they're
influenced by Nikki Sixx and Co. from their early years, and the cover
version of 'Piece Of Your Action' confirms it. LOUD'N'NASTY does it good.
Even though the production of this CD is bad, the songs give you a good
impression. Who knows how this CD would have sounded with a better budget.
Except for the production and the non originality, the CD really rocks and
you will get a trip back to the good old 80's. LOUD'N'NASTY proves courage and idealism
with their CD, which – in spite of the bad production quality – gets 7
dots out of 12.

Catchy Hooks

LOUD´N´NASTY - S/T (7.5/10)Loud´n´Nasty.. now that´s a perfect name for this band! Rob Nasty(Vocals) &Chris Loud(Guitars) are a Swedish duo that plays dirty´n´ mean Sleaze/Glam rocka-la early Motley Crue,Nasty Idols & Tigertailz. They started out playing incover bands such as Kissin´ Time(KiSS) and Bastards(Motley Crue)before theyformed L´n´N in 1997.I say..this is a band with a whole lotta´balls! I kinda´ like their straighta-head -don´t care ´bout nothin attitude.This is Rock´n´ it or leaveit ! Some of the songs are maybe not so good,the drums sounds a little bitstrange and Rob sometimes sings.. well..more than he can(if ya´ know what Imean)but at least it rocks !!!Opening track "End of school" is not one of my favorite´s! But the guitar solo is funny,cuz it sounds exactly like the soundtrack to that crap TV-Show "BeverlyHills 90210" wow! "Some live fast" is a really great song with a catchy chorusthat makes you wanna jump outta your sofa and play along with your air guitar:-) It sounds a little bit like the band "Junkyard" Next track "Blow yourspeakers" is a nice party song with a shout-a-long chorus "Piece of your action"is a cover of the classic Motley Crue song from the superb 1981 album "Too fastfor love" and let´s face it..early "Crue" rules when it comes to this kind ofmusic. "Glitter attack" is another cool song with a good chorus that sounds alot like Motley Crue.Last track "Lake of tears" is a big surprise cuz it´s theonly song that have AOR keyboards a-la Europe/Alien! It´s a really good melodicrocker but with some"sleazy" vocals from Rob.Check ´em out at

Catchy Hooks

LOUD´N´NASTY - Sweet Sixteen (7/10)The Loud´n´Nasty boys are back with a new single "Sweet sixteen" now with a Drummer "Tommie Rocker" and a sound that is much better and tighter than ontheir debut CD.The vocals from Rob Nasty are also much better! He kinda´ knowshis voice and limit now and he´s not trying to sing more than he can.They are still playing Glam/Sleaze rock but these two songs are a little bit rougher and faster than on their debut.Opener "Hellbound"is actually the bettersong! It´s a really cool Sleaze rocker with a catchy chorus and a guitar riff &beat that reminds me a little bit of "Knock ´em dead kid" with Motley Crue! Itreally rocks! The title track "Sweet sixteen" is not really my cup of tea...sure the background vocals are kinda´ cool but the chorus is a little bit weak!No.. the "Hellbound" track is so much better.Their next album "I wanna live mylife in the fame" is soon ready for an release and I hope that we will hear moresongs as good as the Hellbound track.Rock On dudes !!!

Heavy Metal World

Loud N' Nasty - S/T
Glam is trying to make a comeback. If it does well then you will see these guys in that in there. The first song End of School is a real party song that brings in crunchy guitars and slamin drums. Some Live Fast(Some Die Young) is their second song which is another party song that has an attitude. Now for the downfall of this album which is the ONLY downfall is the song Blow Your Speakers, to me who ever mixed this album mixed all the other songs at once and did this one another day. But do not sell this band short they have so much promise and dedication that show in this album. They did a cover of Motley Crues song Piece of your Action which they did a spectacular job at. This band is going places so jump on their bandwagon and hang on. ****1/2 out of five

Leather Boyz

Glam/metal hard'n'r merchants from Sweden that are massively inspired by the Crue of 'Too Fast'. and 'Shout..', wild nights sleazygirls and nasty way of living, I can also hear that typical Scandinavian appeal of vanished bands like Snakepit Rebels or Nasty Idols. The fag-in-the-mouth vocal style fits the songs tho' some more orginality would be appreciated, starting form the band's monicker. The 12-track demo Cd includes Motley's 'Piece Of Your Action' perfectly covered. The oh-so pretty band's look all lipstick & leather is damn welcomed in these image-less years. Stick to your guns dudes.

Strutter' Zine

Loud N' Nasty-Loud N' Nasty (INDEPENDENT RELEASE)
They are coming out of Sweden and when listening to the first parts of their CD it is not hard to say which band influenced LOUD'N'NASTY. The band sounds so close to the early 80s sound of MOTLEY CRUE, and they even did a cover ("Piece of your action") of the debut CD of their American heroes. This band is a no-nonsense partyrockband that not only has cliché-lyrics ("I'm on fire", "Stronger than love", "Bad girl"), but also has a very stereotyped sound which is like I already said very out of date. That doesn't mean these guys can't play good music, because I like their sound and attitude. It's straight-ahead and pure 80s partyrock like TEAZE, CRUE and TUFF LUCK. They are tougher than most of these Glam type bands such as POISON or PBF and if they had been in Hollywood back in the early 80s, the radio and likewise the U.S. kids would have bring them success, just like MOTLEY CRUE. But the band is from Sweden and has just released a CD, so it's hard-working for a band with this kind of sound. Strangely enough I was listening to the CD and after 11 typical partyrockers, I got to hear the final track of the album. You may now think what I am up to, but this final track is totally different than the rest of the CD. I don't know if it was some sort of joke of the band, but that closing track, called "Lake of tears", features AOR keys and is a good midtempo AOR/Melodic Rocker like ALIEN, only vocally it is Partyrock oriented. If the band would put more songs in this Melodic Rockstyle of "Lake of tears" on a future album AND would hire a more melodic vocalist, then it could turn out to something really good. For now I can only recommend this CD to anyone that is missing the early 80s Partyrock. If you want to hear a band that is playing in the exact same Heavy Partyrockstyle as MOTLEY CRUE did on their best album 'Too fast for love' (this 1981 release contains the best partyrock ever recorded and "Starry eyes" is the ultimate partyrocker), check LOUD'N'NASTY
(Points: 7.0 out of 10)

Strutter' Zine

Swedish partyrockers LOUD'N'NASTY also was kind enough to sent me their two-track new CD. The music is in the same style as their debut, although the two performed songs on this album are faster partyrockers. The line-up of the band is now a threesome, but I must say that this new CD leaves me a cold and I would prefer the band's debut. But maybe the future will bring more of these guys.
(Points: 6.0 out of 10)

20 oct.-99
Glitzine review: Sweet Sixteen

Loud n Nasty is a Swedish glam/metal band. I slagged off their debutCD a bit but the new single "Hellbound" and "Sweet Sixteen" show some improvement.
I still don't think this type of retro glam/metal is neither exciting nor good but I know that many of Glitzine's readers think differently. "Hellbound" rose my eyebrows a bit, with a much more mature sound than on the debut "Loud n Nasty". Some previously questioned Rob Nasty's vocals but he sings way better on this single. "Sweet Sixteen" is a fast pace rocker with some cool background vocals.
Loud N Nasty sounds a lot like Nasty Idols, WASP and Motley Crue. If that is right up your alley, you should pay these guys a visit. Make sure you'd be Loud n Nasty though...

issue one,March-April-99

Loud N' Nasty-Loud N' Nasty (INDEPENDENT RELEASE)
Time to get your eyeliner out, boys and girls.
Swedish glam sensations Loud N' Nasty are very, very cool.
This selftiteld CD features eleven original tracks, plus a cover of Motley Crue's Piece Of Your Action. And it's all good!
I'm a sucker for old-school Crue, so maby I'm biased, but stand out tracks include Blow Your Speakers and Shoot Of Your Gun. These guys would be fun to see live. The 80's are well and truly back! Write to Loud N' Nasty at Bro 4, 457 93 Tanumshede, Sweden.


Loud n Nasty is another Swedish glam/sleaze band that probably wish they were born ten years earlier somewhere in the Los Angeles area. They were ohhh so common during the early nineties. Do you remember Snakepit
Rebels, Reptile Smile, Straight Up or Tornado Babies? All pretty good bands but the originality of their "sleazelook" was rather questionable. Loud n nasty are Rob Nasty (vocals) and Chris Loud (guitars) - oh, I suppose that's how they got their bandname. :) They deliver quite anachronistic 80's glam/hard rock. Opener "End of School" reminds me of early Britny Fox. The rest of the album's eleven songs lean very much toward Nasty Idols, Ratt and Motley Crue. The latter's classic "Piece of the Action" is perfectly copied (that should be covered, sorry), vocalist Rob Nasty even puts "ohh yeah" and "whow" in the right places. Loud ´n Nasty are very cliche, in the most negative sentence. I would suggest a change of concept. They obviously got a lot of guts and passion, their kind of glam/hard rock will probably never be profitable. I'm also impressed by their obvious high production of songs. Already eleven own songs. Maybe they will mature into something real good and make me look foolish? "End of School", "Shoot of Your Gun", "Glitter Attack" and "Cry Baby" show some promise. Keep it up guys!


This is the first album of this new band. It's a great 80's band or early 90's.
They know how to play rock & roll!! The only thing is that it's sounds a lot like Motley Crue.....And another mistakes they made is that they put a Motley Crue cover on the album!!
Great guitar riff , the vocals are so so but it's great r&r!
If you like 80's band , you'll probably like L'N'N.
I hope that they'll be more original on their next album but it's a good effort.....
Loud 'N' Nasty keep Rockin'!!!! You rule!
Rate: 70%

Slam (Italy)
June -99

LOUD'N'NASTY "Loud'N'Nasty" - Promotional Copy 1999
Il duo svedese ci regala circa 44 minuti di glam metal di chiara matrice MOTLEY CRUE,quelli di "Too Fast For Love" per intenderci. L?opener "End Of School" ricorda qualcosa degli ALLEYCAT SCRATCH,
ma nelle restanti tracce è sempre la band di Sixx & Lee che fa capolino tra un brano e l?altro. Vi segnalo le travolgenti "Some Lives Fast", "Youth Is Wilder", "Shoot Of Your Gun", "Cry Baby" e la doverosa "Piece Of Your Action", identica all?originale. Chiude la bonus "Lake Of Tears" che vede Rob Nasty e Chris Loud alle prese con un brano ricco di tastiere di scuola EUROPE, ma su questa è meglio stendere un velo pietoso.

28/2-99 (Swedish)

Loud 'N' Nasty är 2 glamrockare från Tanumshede, som har gjort denna platta helt själva, trummor, gitarrer, bas ja rubbet. Men tyvär så är inte sången kanske den bästa, men vafan det är ju Mötley Crue covers, jag vet fan ingen som kan sjunga som Vince Neil. Men ljudmässigt så tycker jag det låter ganska bra, hoppas det blir en riktig grupp av det här. Så jag säger bara lycka till grabbar, hoppas det blir en grupp, glamrocken håller på att dö ut! Så fortsätt att hålla den uppe!!