Made in sweden
way back in 1998 by rob and chris.
considered worldwide in the glam/sleaze metal
scene as the re-inventing veterans with acclaimed
and sold out underground releases, a big following
and successful tours all over europe.

in 2006, with the newly recorded music
produced by snowy shaw and mixed by
kee marcello. now reinforced with the highly
respected drum-god snowy shaw,
they are ready to kick the world in the teeth
and show all them trendy gold digging bitches
who rightfully owns the right to the
new generation of glam-metal fans.

in 2005 loudŽnŽnasty received a best foreign
band award from rock city news, los angeles.
TheyŽve toured as the support act to numerous
big glam & sleaze names from the 80Žs era and
really kicked their ass and stolen their crowd.
Chris Loud
Rob Nasty
Snowy Shaw
Micael Grimm